Have YOU ever enjoyed a P.L.A.Y. Experience?

Ready to solve the mystery of YOU?

You know you have existed in a P.L.A.Y. Experience when you are flying on a natural high of success.

Wellness IS The Name of the Game!

Ombassa Inspires the PLAYcolorfullP.L.A.Y. (Passionately Love Appreciate YOU!) approach, which holds keys to ultimate well-being  by successfully utilizing the body’s own unique and natural ability to heal issues buried in the tissues. The fun, laughter, empowering activities and information generated in The P.L.A.Y. Experience always stimulate the releasing of endorphins and self-induced relaxed states that heal the whole body. 

The P.L.A.Y. Experience also includes an extraordinary blending of media broadcasts,  and events that are infused with drama, dance, poetry and music, all inciting the desire to create new life blueprints that transform stress into power.

This unique, exciting new health and wellness movement is led by healthy lifestyle specialist and event producer, Ombassa Sophera, who customarily partners with dedicated community organizations, health and wellness professionals, artists, musicians and workshop facilitators. Together, their vast amount of experience in their fields of expertise, succeeds in assisting The P.L.A.Y. Experience events to produce a powerful impact in the lives of world audiences. These life-changing events and broadcasts offer tools to AWAKEN to ultimate wealth, health, joy and success.



Build Whole, Happier Families,  Healthier Communities… 


Promoting healthy lifestyles globally, by educating and providing tools for reducing daily stress in communities around the world; providing new, informative, fun and exciting methods for interacting with all life relationships.


To see a considerable decrease in stress and issues relating to health — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, using fun, exciting and effective arts event models for communities around the world.

Come P.L.A.Y. with Wellness!

Are YOU inspired to join this P.L.A.Y. Movement today with your organization, expertise, gifts and talents?

Contact: info@ombassa.com for more details on how YOU can P.L.A.Y. with Wellness TODAY!

“When you Passionately Love and Appreciate You, you become a conduit to create the environment that nourishes your soul and peace of mind.”

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