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The Rutabaga Detox Saute

Children around the world protest the bitter taste of some of our most prized, nutritious vegetables.  Many of these vegetables contain potent detoxifying qualities that far outweigh what might be perceived as a “less desirable” flavor.  This recipe ignores the outcry of our inner and outer child. The Rutabaga Detox Saute brings out the deliciously detoxifying potential of rutabaga and turnip greens.

rutabaga detox recipe

Most people don’t know that turnips rank high in the family of greens supporting four major ‘systems’ within our bodies: the detox system, antioxidant system, inflammatory system and the cardiovascular system.

Like turnips, rutabagas are members of the cabbage family known as “the cruciferous vegetables.” It is known to lower cholesterol levels, improve your digestive health and aid in cellular and enzymatic functions. Whoa! It also lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system, builds strong bones, and improves the metabolism (not a bad idea for anyone trying to lose weight).

rutabaga detox

The Rutabaga Detox Saute is not only detoxing, it is full of enriching antioxidants  and anti-inflammatory ingredients as well. Plus, it was absolutely delicious. This fun, colorful mix is enlivening for the mind, body and spirit. Hope you enjoy it. Share your changes in the comments section:



1 large rutabaga cubed

Handful of baby carrots

4 cubes of vegetable or chicken broth

2 tbls (more if needed) extra virgin olive oil

1 sweet onion diced

2 tbl of minced ginger

3 cloves of minced garlic

10 oz frozen/fresh turnip greens

1 julienned red pepper

½ bunch of parsley

Sea Salt to taste (optional)

Cayenne or Coarse Ground Pepper (optional)


Boil cubed rutabaga in a 4 quart pot until just under being tender. Throw in handful of carrots and cubes of broth and cook both veggies until they are tender, but not mushy. In a wok, stir fry ginger, garlic and onions in olive oil for 2-3 minutes on medium heat, Add remaining ingredients and cook until desired tenderness. Add rutabaga and carrots. Mix well over low heat for another 2 minutes. Turn off and serve. Makes 4-6 serving.


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Culinary Treatments for Acne

Acne is pesky. It doesn’t care what you have planned or how you woke up feeling that morning. If it needs to make an appearance, it will and without question of how long you want it to stay. Trying to take acne by force has led to many scars and larger blemishes. Resist the urge to take action on your acne before understanding the root causes.

There are 4 common types of acne: There are 4 main types of acne: Blackheads, Whiteheads, Hormonal and Cystic Acne. Where the acne is located, when it shows up and how it appears will tell you a lot about your body and how it is functioning internally.

acne face chart


Treating all acne from both internal and external levels decreases the likelihood of it returning. The skin is your largest organ and healthy skin is promoted always benefits first and foremost by a having clean colon and hydrating with plenty of water.

Internal Treatments

Dietary changes can enhance to process of healing acne ingesting foods like carrots, alfafa sprouts, spinach, salmon, garlic, broccoli, artichoke, short brown rice, gluten free whole grains (cereals and breads), dark chocolate, turmeric, honey, fennel, celery, cucumbers, nuts, grapes,  oatmeal, eggs, lemon, and avocadoes.

Staying away from foods like dairy, coconut oil, regular white and grain breads, coffee, soy products, sugar

External Treatments

Common foods like honey, cucumbers, oatmeal, eggs, and lemon, can be mixed into a facial mask and VOILA! A new acne remedy. Treating yourself with a homemade facial will help you prevent or clear acne for healthy skin.


Migraine Remedy :: The Infamous Human Mind

Everything we do is a result of whatever thoughts are rooted in our mind. Our peace, joy, confusion and ideals all reside here. Migraine headaches are said to be the source of much inner confusion and striving for perfection. Perfection can never be achieved, but we do have control over how we internalize the world around us.

When our relationships become chaotic, it is a direct reflection of what we are holding in our minds. Depending on how we let our thoughts and beliefs influence every moment of our day, determines how harmonious it will be.

We can decide to make a permanent residency with confusion OR we will decide to use our minds to create a more gratifying reality. Where do you stand with your beliefs? How are you choosing to live?

What fears are sharing your “living space” or body?  Let’s align for the greatest good ever known and create a NEW Blueprint for a stress-less mind and body.


See recipe below for easing a migraine headache:


1/2 cup  Asian Ginseng Root

1/4 cup Kava Kava Root

1/2 White Willow Bark

1/4 cup Valerian Root

1/4 St Johns Wort Leaf

1 cup  Gotu Kola Leaf

1/2 cup Feverfew Leaf

1/2 cup Rosemary Leaf

1 cup Peppermint Leaf

1 cup Catnip Leaf

Mesh Strainer and Funnel



Pound first 3 ingredients into pieces (doesn’t have to be small pieces)  to help the plant to release its oils, volatile organic compounds and other chemical substances completely. Place all pounded plant material and also the Valerian Root into a large stock pot of boiling water and simmer for 20 minutes. Put in remaining ingredients and remove pot from heat and let sit for 1-2 hours at least to cool. Steep up to 24 hours for desired potency. When ready to serve, pour herbal mixture into a large glass containers (I use recycled gallon apple juice jars) with a strainer and funnel. This beverage can be served warm or cold. If served cold, it may be mixed with your favorite fresh or natural juice to taste. Recommended storage in refrigerator up to 2 weeks.

This remedy is best served with the following affirmation of healing…and so it is.

AFFIRMATION: “I enhance my cells and use every part of my brain.”


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