Custom Herbal Blends

tonic pic“Herbs rejuvenate and heal the body, mind and spirit. Along with evaluating your repetitive daily thoughts that cause blockages, I will assist you in finding out what herbs and foods assimilate and work effectively for you, which is essential to embarking on any healing process. Let’s explore new ways for you to tune into your body wisdom and soar into optimal health and well-being!”

Customized Personal Power Herbal Blends and Sacred Soaks

Ombassa’s specialized collection of potent herbal formulas will assist you towards ultimate well being. These exquisite herbal tonics, salt baths, poultice formulas, body soaks and foot spas are ALL designed to both soothe and expand your well-being. These specialized blends uniquely prepare the body and mind for healthy transformation in all areas of life.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe collection includes:

  • Herbal Tonic Recipes
  • Poultice Formulas
  • Tub & Foot Soak Combination Blends
  • Mineral and Herbal Body Wrap Recipes


 Custom Tinctures $30 (1) $90 (3)

Custom Herbal Teas and Baths

(16 oz) $60 (8 oz) $34 (4 oz) $19

(Contact Ombassa via email booking(at) for herbal consultation) Your customized formula will be sent via USPS. Shipping costs included at checkout. Give 3-6 weeks for delivery time.

Product Fees

Looking forward to an awesome year of sharing herbal mixtures, methods and tools to beautify, amplify and maximize ultimate well-being in your life from the Inside-Out! Thank you for deciding to take your healing back into your own hands, heart, mind and soul.

A few testimonials…

I have had the privilege of working with Ombassa in helping me clear up a head to toe skin breakout by taking poultices and juicing certain vegetables for their cleaning properties. She has helped my body heal from the inside out and now I have a renewed energy that I’m very thankful for.” TT J., Tallahassee

“Though I am Blessed with good health, over the years of living up North and in the South, I developed a sensitivity to certain pollens and a tendency for fungal attacks (athlete’s foot). Ombassa pointed out that these situations were due to habits surrounding diet and lack of consistent exercise. In addition to suggestions on dietary and exercise changes, she provided a delightful curative mixture of herbs that I consumed each morning and evening for about three weeks.I noticed every morning immediately (10 minutes) after drinking the mixture, a clearness of thought (it was quite startling) and an increasing clarity of thought throughout the day. Also, the whites of my eyes became clearer and brighter. Her comment was that my liver was going through a much needed cleansing.The evening potion I drink before retiring. Within a few days of beginning this mixture, my sleep was much more restful and I wake up without grogginess. Also in the first week of this mixture, my morning elimination was, let’s say, more comprehensive.I highly recommend everyone consult with and take advantage of Ombassa’s knowledge and wisdom of how the proper use of herbs can enhance your health. I intend to contact her again once my supply of herbal remedies is consumed. Dawud Shabaka, Hamden, CT

Greetings Ombassa,

I just want to send you a little thank you for all of your work with me over the years. From our first interactions back in 1995 you have assisted me in developing confidence and trust in my own personal power and therefore have helped to set the foundation for my physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It is so empowering to know that I can reach the source of any and all of my challenges and also dismantle those challenges that manifest as fears, sickness, and disease. With visualization exercises, acknowledging and accepting my truth, and affirming my talents and abilities your prescribed techniques in those areas have guided me through and beyond so many obstacles. I am forever grateful. I am currently taking your herbs for womb healing and detoxification. My goal is to conceive within the coming year and the journey is…actually very exciting. Along with the herbal blend, your prescriptions for facing my fears and expressing my innermost discomforts have allowed me to see some significant progress toward my goal. Total wellness is what I am seeking so your guidance and counsel have been right ON POINT! With your program, I can’t JUST take the herbs. I have to take TIME, I have to take in the BEAUTIES OF LIFE and take necessary moments to release the “ICKIES” (mental, emotional, and otherwise). Thank you so much! All gratitude and love!

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