Healthy Lifestyle Sessions/Personal Retreats

“Yesterday doesn’t really matter when we allow ourselves to be fully present in this moment. When we choose in this moment to allow for forgiving ourselves and others by completely releasing our issues, we will catapult into new beginnings, gaining momentum and a new lease on life. It is in this moment where love and healing really begin….”  Ombassa Sophera

Ready to Solve the mystery of YOU? To FULLY AWAKEN to who you really are?


flowerOmbassa is internationally known for her gifted ability to zone into and assist with any life issue- physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, guiding her clients towards realizing their goals, dreams and aspirations.

These sessions identify, address and restore personal power outages experienced on a daily basis – mostly derived through stressful life situations. Your unique session addresses feeling stuck in past issues,  health concerns, relationship breakdowns, grief, depression and other blockages to your ultimate well-being–paving a new way forward to peace of mind. Here is where the true test of your faith in your God-given abilities come into PLAY. No-thing and no one can assist you more than your DECISION to heal your issue.

Individual Sessions/Retreats

  • Personal Growth/Spiritual Guidance
  • Energy Attunement, Balance & Alignment
  • Health Assessments
  • P.L.A.Y. Activation

Couple Sessions

  • Relationship Building Sessions/Retreats
  • P.L.A.Y. Activation

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Retreat sessions are booked by request at serene, beautiful & accessible locations.