Customized Guided Meditations by Ombassa

OM Journeys

Each issue in our tissues, whether it be mental, emotional or physical stems from our auto pilot, our inner mind and how we have actually programmed this silent giant, the deeper part of our consciousness our selves, cells, our DNA.

If we are willing to tap in, tune in and turn on this part of ourselves-more often in our daily routines, we will begin to release the stress we hold onto and literally watch our ills fade away.

These guided meditation journeys are customized and framed for your particular needs.
They will offer the opportunity for deprogramming and reprogramming your consciousness through healing activations and balancing the inner mind.

The result is the long desired YOU revealed and the challenge you were avoiding for so long being dismissed and resolved.

Complimentary Consultation is necessary to know exactly what type of meditation will be required. Schedule at booking (a)


Meditations will be delivered within 14 days. Rush orders will be considered based on individual circumstances.

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