2018 Authentic Blueprint Intensive

Living Your Authentic Blueprint TM

Initiation Program – An intensive  9-month program commencing on the 2018 Spring Equinox and ending the Winter Solstice.

This training requires deep contemplation and reflection on life’s journey-on ALL that is desired at this life juncture. The opportunity is made available to drop all previous conditioning that has caused sorrow, suffering and pain.

Sessions include: ancient healing modalities; natural remedies training; arts of empowerment; energy alignments; inner attunements; cosmic influences; life regressions; LAUGHTER, FUN and JOY and various other relevant processes.

All participants receive life-enhancing tools that will catapult their personal and professional growth process–empowering them to awaken to their true, authentic selves with a renewed blueprint for living — a life filled with both bliss and success.

In this program participants will create a sacred toolkit to prepare and sustain them and their families for the upcoming times of massive change.

Sacred Toolkit provided in this training includes:

  • Anecdotes for Stress – powering down STRESS factors–weaning from collective fear
  • Working with Natural Elements – effectively use ALL aspects of nature
  • Intuitive Training – using your innate intuitive abilities to direct your life from now on
  • Natural Foods and Herb training – discovering your power foods, herbs and activities
  • Working with Body Energies – energy centers in the body connect us with Divine Source
  • Unblocking Mental and Emotional Bodies – “redesigning” your basic circuitry & patterns to expose natural gifts
  • Ancestral Alchemy –reconnecting to the uniqueness of their ancestral contribution of healing with intention

Your decision need only be based upon the willingness to cease living under the control of ego, emotions and fears that have long held you at bay. Once making the decision to embark upon this course, Divine Order intervenes and if allowed, will carry you the rest of the way!

See Course Fees

Course fees cover:

  • Activities at 4 retreats
  • 5 webinars
  • 33 weekly group check-ins
  • 9 personal check-ins

Course Outline, Timeline Calendar, Handouts and other pertinent materials will be sent by Priority Mail upon completion of registration.

If you are interested in this 2018 training contact Ombassa asap to be scheduled for a intro session before completing registration. This is to ensure this course meets its intended satisfaction and high quality content delivery for all served.

Email: blueprints (at) ombassa.com