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I am dedicated to inspiring myself and others to realize and celebrate ourselves on every level–physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Through my life work and passion, I aspire to inspire people to take full responsibility for their health, personal growth and to be willing to create blueprints that will catapult them into multiple streams of well-being.

Through my years on this beautiful planet, I have learned that the only way to achieving something is through inspiration the willingness to take action to manifesting it.  The time has come on the planet to step up and really count for who you being.

I trust that this website will assist you on your life’s voyage!

It is my greatest desire that my products and services will inspire you towards optimal health and well-being. Enjoy!

“There is nothing more important than allowing the Creators grace to pour through us shining in every moment we remember to. With this innocence we find immunity to all life’s perceived ills and problems. If we live our lives with a child’s heart we will begin to share the treasures, the gifts we were born to share. This is the true freedom and liberation we desire from our life journey. Freedom that surpasses all boundaries of land mass, religions, ethnicity and world views.

Love is all there really is to life. In everything we think or do we are looking for love from it.”  roseOmbassa Sophera