Thank you for stopping by. Here you will find herbal remedies that have been in my family for years. These recipes for wellness are designed to support your body in healing itself from the inside out. Always remember that wellbeing is a journey and not a destination. Best of luck to you on your quest to holistic living. Cheers!

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Why Use Herbs?

Holistic living means connecting the mind, body and spirit to achieve a balanced life. Learn how supporting your body's healing with herbal remedies helps to bring multiple streams of wellbeing.

Healing 101

Share Ombassa's wisdom for natural healing. These must-have tips are essential for getting the most out of each herbal recipe.

Featured Recipe

Our featured recipe will hopefully help you get motivated to upgrade your lifestyle so that your body can learn to heal itself.


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"Recently my doctor diagnosed me with having egg laying parasites. Ombassa gave me a recipe for this and after two weeks of using the Beet Juice blood cleanser and the supporting diet given, not only are the parasites passing, I feel great too! My energy levels are back on top." S.Washington